Treatment with tools

Manual therapy can often be efficiently supported by various tools. Cupping or flossing is ideal for working on a large area, kinesio tape is suited for preserving results, and a number of metallic fascia tools effectively aid working on deeper points or larger body surfaces.

Cupping is a form of vacuum therapy during which the skin is released from the connective tissue underneath. Circulation improves, toxins are removed, nutrient delivery is promoted, conditions for tissue regeneration are optimized.

Flossing is a type of compression therapy. Before mobilizing activities a special rubber band is wound around the area in question. After the removal of the band circulation speed improves, pathological tissue seizures are dissolved, regeneration can begin.

Kinesiology tape

The kinesiology tapes that I use are made of cotton using acrylic adhesives. They are free from any active ingredients. They have a wide applicability ranging from muscle relaxation, joint support or correction to analgesia or the improvement of circulation.

Provided the surface is disinfected and adequately cleaned from grease, the properly applied tape can stay on the skin for as long as 5 to 7 days. It is moderately water- or sweat proof.