Movement therapies

The beneficial effect of exercise in treating musculoskeletal (and often internal) problems is undeniable. In order to optimize your muscle force and balance I use a variety of techniques selected from traditional physiotherapy, yoga, pilates and fascia training. In order to have a complaint-free daily routine, it is essential to improve each individual’s range of motion, to identify and minimize bilateral asymmetries, to reactivate muscles spared as a consequence of injuries.

There are plenty of tools in the studio that serve these needs and help you rise to the challenge: wall bars, skipping rope, trx, resistance bands of various strength, pilates loops, sand bags, dumbbells, kettlebells, vibration platform machines, yoga pillows, varous unstable surfaces, pillows, discs, fascia training cylinders, balls, fitballs, softballs.

If you prefer working out at home, visit the ’Gyerünk, anyukám!’ website for my strength training classes. You can see me biweekly in the videoarchives: monthly in the posture improvement program: and in several bimonthly programs: Shape-up: ( ) Shape-up plus: ( program), Toning( )., Gerinctréning óráimmal megteheted.