About me

My name is Vera Vancsura. I am a kinesiologist, personal trainer and yoga instructor by profession. Since I graduated from the University of Physical Education 11 years ago I have attended several couses finally specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation

During my active years in rehabilitation and movement-awareness I have recognized my hands as the most effective tool to communicate with the body. The possibilities that touching a skin surface with thousands of nerve endings entails made me turn towards the application of manual therapies.

Massage therapy in its various forms has become part of my daily treatment and training routines. In terms of physiotherapy I keep using the exercise routines acquired earlier on in my career, although to lesser extent, rather as complementary treatment or homework.

FDM therapy, anatomy trains, FMA, flossing, cupping, scar-therapy, kinesio taping, visceral therapy, SMR, fitball training, Sandbag training, TRX, vinyasa flow yoga, prenatal / postnatal pregnancy yoga, mommy and baby yoga.